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Make money online through Investing – Getting Started


Do you want to make money online through investing?

This is certainly possible. The first thing you need to do is to cool down. Take a pause and forget everything you heard about getting rich quickly.

Investing is a long-term process which means it needs time and work.

You will need the skill of self-control in order not to insist on your own emotions, e.g. feelings of euphoria, which often prevent real recognition.

Also, it’s important that you keep in mind that there is no “best program” and also there are many fake companies out there.

There are 5 types of online investment programs.

5 Types of online investment programs

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)
Game & Matrix Programs (Cycler etc.)
Get Paid To Programs (e.g. Pay to Click)
Ad Revenue Sharing Programs (Adshares)
Hybrid Programs (Mixed Programs)

[alert variation=”alert-success”]Regardless of the type of a program and the gaining of an online investment have all programs an inevitable fact in common:[lists style=”attention” color=”red”]

  • Any online investment program that ever occurred was closed after a while![/lists][/alert]

In other words, online investments, like any other investment form, are subject to a certain risk. Although everything in the world and every company has a naturally limited lifetime, the online investment market is very fast-moving. You can keep in mind: The higher the profit, the faster a program runs through its life phases.

The lifetime of a program depends on its cash flow. If the cash flow increases, the risk decreases and if the cash flow decreases, the risk increases. The reason for this is that all online investment programs are either entirely or at least to a certain extent based on a Ponzi scheme.

The cash flow depends on the life phase of a program. There are 5 life phases every program runs through:

1. Structural Phase
2. Growth Phase
3. Saturation Phase
4. Delay phase
5. Expiration Phase

Normally, the lowest risk to enter a program is between the end of the first and the middle of the second life phase of a program. Thereafter, and particularly from the beginning of the saturation phase, the risk is often no longer acceptable. At the very latest in the delay phase, it is not advisable to invest anymore in an online investment program. Also, the risk is very high at the beginning of its structural phase.

It is also important to know that losing money through investing is normal and it will happen also to you. In fact, it is a part of your process of learning the game. Our goal is that you earn more money than you lose. As soon as you learn to make profits constantly you become an investor.

If you are a beginner I can recommend you follow these principles:

  • Invest only money that you are willing to lose
  • Split your investments into several different programs

Which program to choose?

The following criteria should be considered when choosing a program:[lists style=”check” color=”#ff9900″]

  • How long is the program already on the market? -> Between the end of the first and the middle of the second life phase is the best time for an investment
  • How many people are investing in the program? -> The more the better
  • Are there any offline events? -> Investors gain more trust in a program when they get the people behind a program to know
  • Have there been any problems/changes lately? -> Many changes, e.g. on the compensation plan or a version 2.0 are indicators for a lack of cash flow
  • How professional is the presentation of the website and the back office? -> The better the more effort was put into the development[/lists]

Again, don’t forget that online investing is work. You won’t reach high profits for free. You have to invest not only your money but also your time to study programs constantly.