Summary Questra Live video conference from 06/14/2017


As unfortunately, since 28 May 2017 no deposits and withdrawals are possible any more in Germany. Unfortunately, many people do not have the horizon to think about what Questra / AGAM actually does to get officially official and to get all permits for financial business. The whole thing is basically a unique approach in network marketing, which we do not know from our programs at all. Questra does not enjoy a special bonus on CashFreak for nothing. A company undertakes everything to be legal and licensed, has for many weeks taken great legal hurdles and a lot of bureaucracy in order to enable us our dream of financial success. Of course we should, however, also consider that it would be possible that it could be over.

Summary of the conference

Welcome by Antoninou Vieira Robalo, who will tell us the news of the last 3 weeks.
He emphasizes that Atlantic Global Asset Management has done a great deal and has taken a big step forward to obtain the necessary licenses for financial transactions.
In order to obtain a license in each country, AGAM is obliged to submit information about the clients monthly or quartally, depending on the country, to the authorities. In this way, uncontrolled money laundering is forbidden. For this reason, AGAM has divided the databases into countries during this period. The database will work completely after the update.

In Berlin, a legal company (GmbH) was founded, which is called “Atlantic Global Asset Management Deutschland GmbH”. All applications for the licenses were handled by AGAM. On Friday, 16 June, the proceedings are to be over and the legal basis for financial transactions will be available. From Berlin, the licenses for other European countries will be issued.
In the next online live conference on June 28, 2017, all documents of all countries, which confirm the company registrations, are now to be presented and disclosed.

What does that mean for us?

For us in Germany, this means that AGAM is only waiting to receive the fully applied licenses. AGAM has done everything in the last few weeks and it is now only up to the authorities how long this will take. This process must be completed. If we are lucky, AGAM may already get this approval on Friday 16 June 2017, if not, then it will take longer. It is only when these permits have been granted that AGAM is able to redeem payments or withdrawals for us.

This has gone faster in the case of Kazakhstan. There are the permits already before and in Kazakhstan is already paid out again! In the Ukraine, AGAM is already fully registered as a company and has received the financial license.

What is new is that the process of licensing now also affects the countries of Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Slovakia as of June 14, and no deposits and disbursements are possible up to the receipt of permits.
Deposits and withdrawals in the countries where the licensing process is running

For the time being, we will only be able to use Okpay and ADVCash. Since OKPAY is not allowed in Germany, in Germany for the time being only ADVCash remains a payment option.
Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Ethereum will be disabled for the time being, as these payment methods can not be controlled.

Thus, internal money transfers between the countries will not be so easy anymore. For us, transfers between EU countries will be allowed internally; we can not transfer internally to non-EU countries.


Questra’s approach to Questra is not comparable to any other program for CashGeek and is simply unique in our business. Here it is clearly clear to be 100% legal and to open up further great prospects for us. Of course, we have no guarantee for anything where we already have guarantees on money transactions with returns beyond 10% a month. This could be a real sensation. Should Questra / AGAM receive the requested licenses in the coming days / weeks, we will probably experience an unprecedented run on this extraordinary company.
In spite of all, we can not ignore the fact that AGAM has not paid off for 3 weeks in Germany and therefore temporarily suspend the program status on “Waiting” and suggest that as long as the disbursements are not released, no new money will be invested!