Referral Cashback(RCB)

50% Referral Cashback (RCB) for chosen Programs

If you want to know how to get up to 10% additional return immediately, you are at the right place: We refund you at least half the commission of your investment as an additional service!

What is Referral Cashback: Each program has a partner program (also called affiliate program) where your advertiser (=sponsor/upline) receives a percentage of your investment as commission. “Refback” means that your advertiser refunds you a part of it.

Example: If the program pays a 1st level commission of 8% and you deposit $100, we will refund you 4% (half of 8%) and you will receive $4 additionally.

How can you get 50% RCB?

50% RCB on your 1st deposit

Get registered at the chosen program through our Registration-button. Deposit a minimum of $50 oder 50€. Apply within 48 hours for Refback through the arrow-pointing-to-rightapplication form and we will refund you 50% of our commission.

50% RCB lifetime

As a member of CashGeek community you can receive 50% RCB for each deposit you make. The registration is free. You can find the registration form when you click on the On/Off-Button at the top right of every page or just click here.

Only programs with the monitor status “Paying” are enabled for RCB.

Procedure and conditions

Refback can only be payed if you follow these rules!

CashGeek can only accept applications for deposits that are not older than 48 hours and only for listed programs on We can not pay you a Refback if we don’t receive the commission because a program went Scam.

For each program, you can submit several applications, but only for the same account.

The RCB handling takes 24-48 hours. The link to the registration can be found in our monitor or at the end of every program presentation. In some rare cases the RCB handling can take up to several days.

We accept the following payment providers:

perfect money Payeer bitcoin advcash

Apply for RCB