Profit Calculation Parameters

Initial Investment:
Rate of Interest:
Term Start Date:
Term Length:
Days, Weeks or Months
Interest Frequency:

Amount of Interest to Re-Invest:
Interest is Compounded:

Payout Analysis

If you have an initial investment of $, your investment start date is ,
your term of investment is , the interest frequency is and is compounded, and you elect to reinvest %
of interest... THEN you will earn $ of profit in this program. Additional analysis is provided below:

Payout Details

Total Profit Earned at End of ( Compounded):
Total Investment Return at End of :
Total Original Investment + Earned Interest/Profit :
Number of Interest Payments Over : (Paid )
Start Date of Investment Program:
End Date of Investment Program:

Break-Even Point(BEP)

Profit Does Not Crossover Investment Amount
until Break-Even Point:
Date of Break-Even:

Profit Reinvestment and Profit Take Out

Percent Profit Reinvestment:
Percent Profit Taken Out:
Total Reinvested Profit:
Total Profit Taken Out:

Payout Schedule

Date BalanceInterest Rate Total Interest