You have an interesting investment program and would like to present it to the readers of CashGeek with your Referral link in the Registration button? No problem.

Terms for introducing a program

1. You need a free CashGeek community membership for publishing an article. arrow-pointing-to-rightRegister

2. We publish only extensively researched programs. You should support the program to 100% and know nearly everything about it. You will also have to follow the Guideline for writing a program presentation which you can read below. Anyone who just wants to quickly submit a program with a few banners and his referral link won’t have success. Also we don’t release articles which text is simply copied from other communities / forums / blogs. It is essential that you write in your own words! So take your time and present your program as you would expect it from others.

3. If you are not familiar with WordPress and you have problems with writing and formatting, or you have other reasons, then I would present your program with your Referral link in the Registration button. Nevertheless, your active cooperation is expected by providing detailed information by means of texts, pictures, logo etc. via email. In some programs, the presentation is very extensive, which is why extensive media material is expected. Just send me a message in the contact form with your program name, description, image material and your referral link.

4. You have two options to get credit for your work:

  • Option 1 – We insert a link rotator in the Registration-button at the end of the post, so 50% of readers who click the button will be redirected through your referral link and 50% of readers will be redirected through CashGeek’s referral link.
  • Option 2 – You get registered at the program through our referral link. Then 100% of all readers go into your downline.

5. CashGeek expects a regular care from the author. This means that a program update must be made at least once a week in a Updates-section at the end of the post or in the comments. If this is not the case, I preserve the right to move the program into the blacklist.

How do you proceed now?

First search for the program on CashGeek’s website through the search bar at the top right. If your investment program is already listed, you have had bad luck and another author was faster than you.
If the investment program does not already exist, then register as a community member. Confirm the link in the email you receive afterwards and log in into your account. You will find the button “+ New Post” at the top of the sidebar. Write the article and submit it for review to the admin. Your contribution will be published within 48 hours, usually earlier.
If you do not find the internal section for the submit of your contribution, then enter into your browser address bar the url You will land on the post creation site.

Guideline for writing a program presentation

  1. Title and texts must be written in your own words. No copied texts are accepted!
  2. Choose a meaningful title.
  3. A brief introduction: if it is your first program presentation introduce yourself briefly and then write an introduction to the program, e.g. how did you find out about the program, information about the admin, start of the program, etc. This is the part that can be seen in the teaser. Do not add a picture or banner yet. The introduction should contain at least 5 sentences.
  4. After that add a banner or picture.
  5. Important additional information on the formatting: Put all headings in the text in the H2 format and set reasonable alt texts for all banners and pictures. Also set a “target blank” for all links, banners and pictures for opening the links in a new window or tab. Delete unnecessary “divs” from the source text. Check your contribution to correct distances in the paragraphs.
  6. Then write relevant information about the program:
    1. How long does the program exist?
    2. How many users are registered?
    3. Scripts, Hoster, SLL Certificates?
    4. Is something known about the site operator (admin)?
    5. Is the program listed as paid on
  7. Which payment providers are accepted for incoming and outgoing payments?
    1. Use the eCurrency buttons, as seen in other articles.
    2. What is the deposit minimum?
    3. What is the payout minimum?
    4. What are the charges for payment and withdrawal?
    5. Are withdrawals made manually or instantly?
  8. How much can you earn with this program?
    1. Investment plans as a screenshot
    2. Explanations
  9. What does the referral structure look like?
  10. Are there any deposits and payouts already made? Add screenshots of it!
  11. Conclusion with your personal impression of the investment.
  12. Include your Referral link.
  13. Would you like to offer RCB (ReferralCashBack)?
  14. At the right side of the post text field, select the main categories “Investments” and the appropriate subcategory (example: Long Term, Mid Term, Short Term) and also a second appropriate category (eg. Trading, Mining).
  15. Then choose the appropriate tags: “Investment program”, “program name”, etc.
  16. Set the featured image (this is shown at the teaser and at the top of the post. Use a logo of the program.
  17. After publication make regular updates in the comment field of your presented program.

Please follow this order when you present your program. Take at least an hour and write the article conscientiously. When you are done, please submit the revision. If corrections have to be made, you will be informed by e-mail with the suggested changes.

Note: If the program no longer pays off or is set offline, your program will be moved from the category “Investments” to the category “Scam”.

First Steps

  1. arrow-pointing-to-rightGet Registered in the CashGeek Community
  2. Click on “+ Write New Post” in the top right corner (like on the photo)

Write new post

So, that’s it. I say thank you for reading and I would be very pleased to welcome you in the CashGeek community. I wish you numerous referrals and good money.

Happy Earnings … CashGeek