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Company Overview

Established in 2019 and located in Dominica, CMarkets Group is a cryptocurrency trading platform specialized in providing cutting edge trading technologies to users all around the world. Currently, the broker enables customers to connect and enjoy a clear platform to conduct their trading activity in a safe and easy way. The main difference with CMarkets Groups has to do with the variety of digital currencies available for trading.  Tens of different cryptocurrencies are included in the instruments list, enabling traders’ access to many potential trading opportunities.

Trading Software

Since the CMarkets Group offer is tailored specifically for the cryptocurrency market, a proprietary trading software had been developed. SIRIX is the result of research and development, integrating a wide range of trading tools necessary for traders. It comes in four different versions:

  • Sirix iOS
  • Sirix for Android
  • Sirix Station for Desktop
  • Sirix Web Trader

That way, traders will have access to the market at any point and from any device. Sirix is a user-friendly trading platform, providing flexibility effective trading tools. With advanced charting technologies and plenty of tools (price indicators, drawing tools, multiple time frames, and chart types), finding technical setups on the charts should be an enjoyable task. This is a platform designed to be used by any type of trader, including beginners.

To further support clients who are still developing their trading skills, CMarkets Group had integrated social trading features in Sirix. On the right side of the platform, traders will see the top-ranked expert traders based on their P/L as well as the number of copiers. At the same time, the social stream window below will show in real-time all the latest trades placed by the expert traders. Customers can copy these trades with only a few clicks or can use them to see how professionals view the market at any given point.

Account Types

Since CMarkets Group wants to be a broker for all cryptocurrency traders, there are five different account types currently available:

  • Student account
  • Started account
  • Advanced account
  • Pro account
  • Expert account

The student account will require the smallest deposit and in exchange, traders will benefit from up to 1:200 leverage and access to all trading instruments included in the offer. Access to Sirix is also free of charge. More trading features are available for clients wanting to choose bigger account types. Live webinars, assistance from an account manager, economic calendar, weekly reports, automated strategies, or in-depth research should help traders enhance their trading process.

Pro and Expert account holders will benefit from the most trading features and will be able to use up to 1:500 leverage of cryptocurrencies. Overall, the account types offer is diversified and balanced, providing enough trading features for all traders, no matter their finances. Traders wanting to test the services can open a CMarkets Group demo account to see what the broker has to offer.

Assets List

CMarkets Group stands out against competitors thanks to the rich assets list currently available for all clients. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Lisk, Stellar, or Tron are just a few of the popular tokens available. At the same time, there are plenty of smaller altcoins like SBD, STRAT, XVC, ZRX, or VTC, something not seen with most of the popular brokers which cover only a few of the popular cryptocurrencies.

Trading with CMarkets Group will mean access to crypto trading against fiat currencies like the US Dollar or Euro. For clients wanting to trade cryptocurrencies against each other, there are instruments denominated in Tether, Bitcoin, Ether, or Monero. Opportunities show up daily and not only on some of the popular cryptocurrencies.

Small altcoins had proven to be more volatile and tend to move more on a daily basis, as compared to large-cap tokens, which are more liquid and actively traded. With tens of different cryptocurrencies available at CMarkets Group, it will be easier for traders to create a well-balanced crypto portfolio.

Customer Service

The customer support service at CMarkets Group is designed to assist the customer with any issue that might arise from using the platform. The service is available 21/5, via the email address as well as via the company’s phone number +44 2038-070454. Customer representatives had proven to have a client-oriented and professional attitude, always willing to solve customer issues.


CMarkets Group is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for traders wanting to focus solely on the cryptocurrency market. With tens of different cryptocurrency instruments, proprietary trading software, social trading features, plenty of trading tools, and reliable customer support, the broker wants to enhance cryptocurrency trading. Offering some of the most efficient trading tools confirms CMarkets Group is an entity working on behalf of its clients. Navigating the challenging market of cryptocurrencies should be more exciting by working with this company and benefiting from its trading features.

CMarkets Group Review
CMarkets Logo

Product Name: CMarkets Group

Product Description: The main difference with CMarkets Groups has to do with the variety of digital currencies available for trading. Tens of different cryptocurrencies are included in the instruments list, enabling traders’ access to many potential trading opportunities.

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