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Crypto Agent Bot – Trading Signals

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The Crypto Agent Bot, according to the results we have seen so far, has achieved very good results, with which we have quickly recovered our service charge. In addition, it offers an attractive tipster commission. We think, "As long as the trading signals continue to be so good, this network can actually become very big!" Because there are already large service networks such.

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Crypto Agent Bot – this novelty is heard more and more in the network. Because this company has managed by telegram service to create a bot that sends the signals about crypto currency trading to the members. In addition, through another service called “Bitpoly”, members can directly transfer their telegram trades to Bittrex and Poloniex, which has an incredible simplification in usability. This was one reason to take a closer look at the Crypto Agent Bot Network and here are our experiences with it.

Crypto Agent Bot: Who is behind the network?

Behind the Crypto Agent Bot is an international team of analysts and traders in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market, delivering great to very good results for your investment. For the timely sending of sales and purchase signals they provide a signal Bot, which runs on chat messaging services such as WhatsApp or  Telegram.

What does Crypto Agent Bot do? How can they help you?

Roughly speaking, the team ensures a stable financial profit growth for your portfolio. Furthermore, they take care of sending the latest information about various cryptocurrencies, traded at the two largest Exchanges (crypto exchanges) Bittrex and Poloniex. In addition, they promise a high increase in value within a year: It is possible to make a Bitcoin – with a performance of 2% – 3% daily – after one year well over 1000 Bitcoins!

What value do you receive from the company?

They teach you how to dominate the cryptocurrency market. You do not have to worry if you have little or no experience in this business yourself. They take care of all technical and analytical aspects. They work professionally and results-oriented. As this is not an investment group or firm, they offer high quality services in the market for cryptocurrencies as long as it exists. First and foremost, you invest in yourself because the Crypto Agent Bot does not take the money to manage it. You have full control over managing your own finances. Daily signals from the short, medium and long term are decisive for the growth of the portfolio. In addition, a unique and very attractive 10-step compensation plan is offered for the acquisition of additional partners, which guarantees an attractive profit of up to 60%.

Service packages


New-Compensation-Plan 1New-Compensation-Plan 2New-Compensation-Plan 3

As pioneers in the crypto market, they strive to get more people excited about blockchain technology. To accomplish this, they offer an attractive 10-level marketing plan + Boniplan that allows you to earn a referral fee by sponsoring new members. To sign up for the Crypto Agent Bot, a sponsor link is mandatory, as it only works that way.


Compensation Plan


In addition, there is a bonus plan consisting of 7 career levels. To achieve these levels, a certain turnover in the team (Turnover Downline) must be achieved. As a reward, more than 300 bitcoins will be distributed when these levels are reached.

bonus plan

Why is Crypto Agent using Bot Telegram as a platform?

Messenger services like WhatsApp and Telegram are used by many people today. This will increase even more in the future. Artificial intelligence is already in use at Telegram. Before entering the English-speaking (international) market, the Crypto Agent Bot was tested in recent months in a test group of Russian-speaking people. The results and feedback from the test subjects were very positive

At the moment they are even working on giving members the possibility to place trades directly from Telegram to Bittrex or Poloniex! This will greatly improve the usability.

High anonymity

Another reason why Telegram is used is because it can guarantee high anonymity. According to their own statements, the success also has its downsides. So they are referred to by some as a show-maker, but that is NOT so! According to their website, this team is NOT cheaters. The membership is NOT binding. If you are not satisfied, you can just let the selected membership expire. Moreover, anonymity is at the forefront! This is the only way to achieve good results if you are not distracted by details.


The support also runs completely via telegram. There is a special channel that provides information and support at any time in case of problems. All inquiries will be processed within 2 working days. At the moment, 3 employees are working on the support team.


How promising are the trading signals from the bot?

Very experienced traders and analysts are watching the market very closely. To the best of your knowledge and belief, they will deliver you the best possible trading signal.

How do I get the trading signals directly to my smartphone?

The company has selected Network Marketing as its distribution channel. You are very welcome to register and sign up via the link at the top. Choose a package of your choice and pay it. Then you are a member of our team and get all the trading signals, via the messenger service telegram, directly to your smartphone.

What are the earning opportunities with the Crypto Agent Bot?

What can you earn here? I can not answer this question flat-rate. You have 2 earning opportunities here. First, it depends on what capital investment you have traded. And how good the signals are. Second, it depends on how much gas you give and how big your team gets that you build. Because you deserve every package purchase of your partner.

Is Crypto Agent Bot a scam?

No! Definitely not. Here you pay for the receipt of trading signals. These offer you real added value.

Who has experience with the crypto trading signals?

The company itself, was only recently launched. So far nobody has gained much experience with it. The first Crypto Agent Bot experiences are very positive.


The Crypto Agent Bot, according to the results we have seen so far, has achieved very good results, with which we have quickly recovered our service charge. In addition, it offers an attractive tipster commission. We think, “As long as the trading signals continue to be so good, this network can actually become very big!” Because there are already large service networks such.


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