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iMarketsLive – Forex Trading for everyone

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iMarketsLive – Forex Trading for everyone


up tp 30% monthly

Deposits Min/Max($)

195/No Limit


60-80% of broker profit + weekly pay

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iMarkets Live is a sustainable long term investment. You have the chance to learn a lot about Forex trading and to earn 30% return per month.

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International Markets Live LTD (iML) is a company that has merged network marketing and trading into one platform.

IML was founded in the USA in 2013 and has enjoyed tremendous growth since then. Through the multi-year experience of the executives and the review by the financial market FDIC, the company has mastered all hurdles with top performance. The founder of iMarketsLive is one of the most experienced professionals, Christopher Terry. He has been a full-time trader since 1998 and has been working with the professional trader Linda Bradford Raschke for several years.

IMarketsLive and the broker HotForex

IML’s business model allows networkers and traders to use the products of iMarketsLive to independently learn how to trade, or to build a network and spread the products of iMarketsLive.

The company is already licensed in over 120 countries.

Before the question arises “How do they earn their money?”, The answer is: iMarketsLive has developed products that make trades much easier and finances itself.

Income Opportunities

There are 2 ways to use iMarketsLive. Either as a customer or as a networker (IBO)


As a customer you have the possibility to choose one of two products: 

imarkets live platinum

Platinum Package for the first time 195 Dollar and then 145 Dollar monthly.

Contains the following:

  • Harmonic Scanner ( The market is scanned here 24/7 and analyzed in order to recognize a trend and thus to find the best possible trading possibility and thereby to achieve profits.
  • IML Academy – This is where A-Z explains how the game works and how it is handled (more than 200 videos are subdivided into the individual levels, from the beginner to the professional, everyone can still learn something about it)
  • IML TV (Here you can watch on working days how the professionals trade, why they do it etc. and you can of course do it all by yourself)
  • Daily Swing Trades (Here, the CEO Christopher Terry of iMarketsLive offers personal analysis, set ups and insight how he would do this).
imarkets live PlatinumPlus

Platinum Package Plus for the first time 235 dollars and then 185 dollars monthly.

Contains the following extras:

  • Swipetrades (Here you can get traffic signals directly to your mobile phone from the experts of iMarketsLive – thus without experience you can Copy and Paste the signals from the professionals)
  • Fusion Trader (Here the auto trade makes up to 30% monthly)


In addition, you have the possibility to receive the products free of charge if you affiliate 2 other partners.

IMPORTANT: iMarketsLive does not manage the money invested for trading – it is created directly at Hot-Forex (broker) and thus your money is available at any time.

Networker (IBO)

As a networker (IBO), you have the possibility to build up a network and earn passive money.

  1. Through the building of a sales structure
  2. By the trading of your downline

My goal here is to build iMarketsLive with a 3×3 matrix so as not to lose unnecessarily commissions and to help other partners to earn money through the network.

Here ares the compensation plan of iMarketsLive:

imarkets live compensation plan 1imarkets live compensation plan 2imarkets live compensation plan 3

imarkets live compensation plans 1imarkets live compensation plans 2imarkets live compensation plans 3

Here is exactly explained how to get partner commissions.

Example 1:
If you affiliate 3 new partners with your personal link, you will be eligible for Platinum 150 and receive $ 37.50 every Friday on your Paylution account. ($ 150 monthly)

Example 2:
If you affiliate 12 new partners (ie your 3 partners affiliate each 3 partners) you reach the Platinum 600 rank and receive $ 150 every Friday on your Paylution account. ($ 600 monthly)

Example 3:
If you affiliate 30 new partners, you will be eligible for Platinum 1000 and receive $ 250 every Friday on your Paylution account. ($ 1000 monthly)

As you can see, you must not only reach the number of partners, but also the persons you affiliate have to purchase one of the 2 products to count as a partner since the purchased packages are converted into points ($ 145 package brings 145 points)

The commissions here are automatically transferred to your Paylution account every Friday. No payment requests are necessary.

Tip: In my opinion the goal here should be that the whole team earns money so you should distribute also the Ref.Links of your partners which have to be filled up with 3 direct partners and not only your own.

Income opportunity by trading of your team

Through a special broker deal with Hot Forex, we benefit from 2 levels of trading volume from our team.
This varies between 60-80% of broker profit depending on the team volume. Imarkets Live earns nothing here since it is a pure product network. The capital lies at the broker and is completely independent of Imarkets Live which gives us again an additional security.

The registration at Hot Forex is completely independent from Imarkets Live. If you build your team with a 3×3 construct and you have partners further below you can put these people directly under yourself at Hot Forex. If someone is already registered at Hot Forex and trades there, the affiliate ID can be subsequently re-registered, which also gives us enormous advantages.

Profit, duration and costs

  • The profit varies up to 30% a month.
  • There are no costs for direct deposits to the broker HotForex!
  • There is no duration limit, so the investment runs as long as you want. The investment is available at any time.

Deposits and Withdrawals


As you’ve already read above, iMarketsLive’s commission is credited to a Paylution account.
As soon as you have registered 3 partners, you will receive a link from iMarketsLive with the registration link from Paylution, where a free registration is necessary to get commissions. The commissions can then be paid out from there.
Paylution is a virtual account where you can pay and transfer money or even withdraw with the PrePaid card.

Of course, you can also transfer payments to your bank account. This takes a couple of days.

The payout is made weekly every Friday on the Paylution account.
The payout to bank account takes 2-3 working days longer.

Video Review


iMarkets Live is a sustainable long term investment. You have the chance to learn a lot about Forex trading and to earn 30% return per month.

Happy earnings 🙂 …CashGeek

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