ROLY Investment – On the traces of Crypt Trade Capital

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ROLY Investment – On the traces of Crypt Trade Capital


21% - 25% per month

Deposits Min/Max($)

0.01 BTC/20 BTC



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As we can see at the outset and the whole idea, we now have another candidate with Roly Invests, who can join the series of stable and, above all, long-term programs à la Questra and Co. In principle, we can say that all of these programs run very well and we have not had any failure here on CashGeek from this type of investment programs.


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Roly Investment has become a scam !!!

Dear CashGeek community, based on the concept of Crypt Trade Capital, at least on the website is the impression, the company Roly Investment is also a company, which trades on the cryptic market. So we have with Roly Investment a new representative which works similar, like Questra, CTC, Biznet or Resonance Capital. If we turn off the insurance, there are probably the highest monthly returns, which is for the speculative investor.

According to the information on the website, Roly Investment was found by a community of 10 former hedge fund managers who have more than 17 years of experience on Wall Street and / or have worked for fund companies such as Quantum Funds, Bridgewater Associates, JP Morgan Asset Management and Man Group. In the meantime, these managers can look back on seven years of experience in cryptocurrency trading, and have perfected their trading skills in this area.roly-invest

Hedge funds are investment funds with very flexible and very active management. Hedge funds can invest in all investment categories and invest in rising and falling prices. Hedge funds aim to achieve a positive return regardless of the exchange environment.

Roly Investment’s activities cover the digital trade of a wide range of cryptos of various currency pairs. At the most important contact points, this can also take the form of derivatives or short selling! The hedge funds have a high risk, but the security strategies of Roly Investment give you the chance to achieve very high constant returns.

The Community’s motivation for the establishment

“Of course, to make own money! For hedge funds, it is quite common to have a leverage effect on borrowed capital for a higher return on equity. We have chosen to give private people access to wealth instead of enriching wealthy people.”
Roly Investment is listed on the Companies House website in the UK as an active company.

Roly Investment LTD, 70 Tulketh Road, Preston, United Kingdom, PR2 1AQ

  • Telephone number. + 44-2033181412
  • Office Email:
  • CFO: Daniel Warner; E-Mail:
  • CEO: Dr. James Williams; E-Mail:
  • Company number 10708856
  • Business field: 70221 Financial management
  • Share capital: 1 GBP
  • 30-page founding certificate is available for download
  • Founded on 4 April 2017, active since 15 May 2017 in the German area

The online appearance of the company makes a serious impression on me and can be presented in 20 different languages.

It is also interesting to be able to apply for a job as a trader via the “Jobs” menu.

Income opportunity

Three trading plans are offered with a return between 21% and 35% per month depending on the amount of the deposit. The structure is divided into three different investment stages. Roly Investment works exclusively with bitcoins, so only one bitcoin payment is possible. The capital invested is tied up for 365 days. After the end of the 365 days, we receive 80% of the invested capital.

Roly invest plans



Level 1 – STANDARD

Investment: 0.01 – 0.99 BTC
Yield: 21 – 25% without insurance, 16 – 20% with active insurance
Distribution: every 2 days


Investment: 1.00 – 4.99 BTC
Yield: 26 – 29% without insurance, 21 – 24% with active insurance
Distribution: every 2 days

Level 3 – ROLY

Investment: 5.00 – 20.00 BTC
Yield: 32 – 35% without insurance, 27 – 30% with active insurance
Distribution: every 2 days

A timer controls the payout interval for all schedules, which is set to 2 days. The finance department pays out the winnings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bonuses from the career partner program for referrals are credited on Sundays. In sum, we can receive 15 payments per month. An internal insurance policy hedges against losses, but this is associated with a 5% depreciation in the yield on a monthly basis. Thus, negative trading results are to be intercepted by the “ROLY Investment Fund”. Without insurance, losses can also be incurred. Roly Investment is a pure Bitcoin investment, according to the support is no conversion into Euro or US Dollar. After expiration of the investment (365 days), we receive 80% of the invested capital. A profit calculator is implemented over the trading plans so that the return to different investment scenarios can be weighed.

Deposits and Payouts


  • Roly Investment works exclusively with bitcoins, so only one bitcoin payment is possible.
  • This requires a Bitcoin Wallet or a payment service provider with the possibility of Bitcoin Blockchain payments and withdrawals.
  • Depending on the amount of his deposit, one will be automatically transferred to one of the three o.g. Trading plans.
  • Deposit: Minimum is 0.01 BTC; upwards unlimited
  • Payout: Minimum is 0.001 BTC, upwards unlimited.
  • The payout is executed directly and instantly distributed to the deposited BTC wallet, depending on the duration of the blockchain, it can take up to 3 days. The transaction can be tracked immediately after the payout.
  • The money is immediately available to us as soon as the blockchain has received at least 3 confirmations.
    A verification of the account is currently not necessary.
Important: You can only register one account. Likewise, it is forbidden to run several accounts in one household. If the relevant departments of Roly Investment find out that there are more than one account, they will permanently lock your personal account.

Affiliate program

The investment concept of Roly Investment is an unilevel affiliate program.

The internal career ladder comprises 8 levels.

The higher the career step, the lower the commission rates. This is particularly evident in the distribution. At the same time, bonus payments are made, as measured by their own investment and structural turnover.

Roly invest career

Roly invest career

As an example, the following is a brief discussion of the characteristics of the first “pure investor” career stage – the STARTER stage.

In order to become STARTER, the structural turnover must be 2.5 BTC. In addition, an own active investment of at least 0.05 BTC is necessary. In this case you get the following commissions up to the 3rd level and a one-time bonus of 0.2 BTC:

  • -> 7% commission on his firstliner
  • -> 3% on 2nd line
  • -> 1% to 3rd line

This principle can be applied analogously to the following career levels, but the commission payments are broadened in breadth and depth to the individual levels of their partner structure.

Personal experience and further information on Live chat with the support of Roly Investment

  • Google Authenticator will be implemented soon
  • The company has a worldwide trading license
  •  Trading takes part on 5 days (Monday to Friday) a week
  • Roly Investment currently has about 40 employees and approx. 30 executives
  • Worldwide expansion is a goal
  • Website is available in approximately 20 languages
  • Live chat support available from 12 am to 6 pm, multilingual
  • It is planned to release the trading results once a month on the website
  • CEO and trading team can be visited by interested investor groups by pre-registration, which is the responsibility of Mrs. Susan Snyder in the CHRO office
  • The security is successively improved (against DDOS attacks, etc.)
  • Own payment provider is implemented for the Bitcoin payments
  • Visacard, bank card with bitcoin function is currently negotiated with vendors
  • Public events are planned in the near future
  • If the program can be implemented as presented by the company, it is certainly an interesting investment opportunity with long-term potential
  • Compared to the other crypto trading companies such as CTC and Biznet, this is a pure bitcoin invest, with all risks and opportunities

Video Review


As we can see at the outset and the whole idea, we now have another candidate with Roly Invests, who can join the series of stable and, above all, long-term programs à la Questra and Co. In principle, we can say that all of these programs run very well and we have not had any failure here on CashGeek from this type of investment programs.

This is, of course, no indication that it will be so at Roly Investments. What we do not like and caution us, the capital is only 1 GBR. So we should definitely consider that it could also be a Hyip or a well-made Ponzi.

We will see how the program evolves. The big advantage here, however, could be that Roly Investmens is a pure-bred bitcoin investment and we can also profit from an increasing bitcoin value in addition to the very attractive monthly returns.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


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