Lions Trading Club – program with phenomenal potential

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Lions Trading Club – program with phenomenal potential

Is this program a revolution? Or just a good program? Or is it too good to be true?

What’s behind Lions Trading Club?

Lions Trading Club is a new online platform, which has launched on 02/13/2017. CEO and initiator of the project is the Swiss Phil Steiner. The Headquarter of Lions Trading Club Ltd is located in England (Manchester). However, an office in Switzerland is to be opened promptly (March 2017). As collateral is currently a security fund of 100,000 CHF, which can cover approximately $ 600,000 in deposits. This fund is gradually being increased.
The company itself earns its money by investing in different areas such as. Trading, cryptics, real estate or advertising. At the same time, several investments have been ongoing for some weeks, which serve both the further development of the collateral and at the same time provide empirical values ​​for the reimbursement.

How do we earn money here?

As described above, Lions Trading Club operates in several areas. The great thing about this is that LTC cooperates with various external partners and experts in the respective core business (eg trading). This selection of experts now uses the money of the investors (= user) to achieve the highest possible profits.
Due to the splitting into several areas – in any case back into several partners – a maximum security is given, since, for example, Losses in a partner (be it a bad trade, for example) can be offset by another partner in the same OR in another area (eg real estate profits).
In addition, as a user, I can decide in which area I mainly want to spend my money. Of course, a division is also possible.
This is precisely thanks to this effect (risk allocation with profit maximization) possible!

The following plans are available

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • LTC standard (variable including compounding)
    Mo-Fr up to 1.5% daily – Running time 3 months – Compounding
  • LTC Standard Simple (variable for daily distribution)
    Mo-Fr up to 1.5% daily – Running time 3 months -tägl Distribution
  • LTC Silver (fix incl. Compounding)
    4% per week – Duration 24 weeks – Compounding
  • LTC Gold (fixed for monthly distribution)
    20% per month – Duration 12 months – Monthly payout
  • Lifetime (fixed with monthly payout)
    15% per month – infinite duration – monthly payout[/tie_list]

What is important

All investments made, except the investments in the “LTC Lifetime” program, will be repaid after the end of the term! There are calculators for all plans.
Depending on the plan, daily, monthly or FIRST AFTER THE PLAN (LTC Standard and LTC Silver), the returns are credited to your internal account.



Once again, behind all the plans are several experts and partners, who work together with LTC and are absolute experts in their field. We users provide more capital, which leads to a compound interest effect among the partners and thus high reimbursements are possible.

Deposits and Withdrawals

bitcoinadvcashbank skrill credit-card-logos

As payment processors, the following options are available

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • ADVCash
  • Skrill
  • Credit card (there will be a LTC credit card in April)

In addition, you can pay by the end of April on request also with PM, Payeer, STP or Paypal. The payments should then be made via the above-mentioned payment processors.
Payments are made in the start-up phase on the 15th and 30th of the month to reduce the administrative expenses.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal: $ 50
Maximum payout: $ 50,000


Level 1: 5%
This is justifiable and can also be done for the program. For networkers, who bring in many partners (but also everyone else), LTC will offer a career model. More information will follow.


Lions Trading Club has some features and specials that make the program stand out from the crowd.


There is an integrated blog on the homepage with information to find. In addition, the FAQ section is very detailed and should answer about 80% of all questions

Agreement and Verifcation

When applying for the first payment, an imprisonment is imperative. This is done by means of a copy of the ID card and a current proof of residence (invoice). Investments via a company also require an extract from the commercial register.
An official agreement (investment agreement) is issued, which includes, among other things, Inserts the deposit in writing. Click here to look

Security fund

LTC offers its users a security fund as described above. If the deposits of the border, which the fund can cover, a deposit stop is made until the fund has been increased.

Copy Trading

Users have the possibility to trace all trades of LTC and to copy with a broker. This is independent of LTC.

Live Account

In the backoffice all trading results are livea and thus transparent for each user.

Support / Ceo

It should also be pointed out that the CEO, as well as the support staff members, will be presenting themselves on the homepage, both by name and in the case of the CEO.

Video Review


I have to say that the project is very interesting and has the chance to become one of the crackers of the year 2017. On the one hand, we have the different areas, which I cover all with one program. On the other hand, the division into areas (+ several specialists per area) offers increased security. And then comes the written guarantee of the deposit on the homepage.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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