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SkyWay Capital – Crowdinvesting Participation in a Russian elevated rail transport system

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SkyWay Capital – Crowdinvesting Participation in a Russian elevated rail transport system


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We have the opportunity to secure a high number of shares with a high discount at a very early stage in a forward-looking company. If the project is successfully financed, many thousands of percent of profit can be achieved in the long term.


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A very interesting Crowdinvesting with SkyWay Capital gave me cashfreak member aunt Trude, which I would like to introduce in detail. The project makes a very real impression and I would be very surprised if the company does not correspond to reality. To this I must mention that perhaps some of us have already seen it on the TV.

Who is SkyWay Capital?


SkyWay Capital is a closed-stock company whose main task is to implement the financing of this innovative transport project SkyWay on the world market by means of high-speed rail transport of people and goods. Highways are high-tech means of transportation in the future, where the traffic is regulated by means of suspended rails between the supports. The speed of these highways can reach 500 km / h.

Why does the world need SkyWay?

skywaycapital2-1To handle the traffic by means of highways has numerous advantages:

  1. The environmental friendliness of this technology (no exhaust emissions)
  2. The possibility to reach the most inaccessible places
  3. To the tenfold few resources for the construction than for the other traffic types
  4. High security
  5. Low travel costs
  6. Maximum speeds of movement on the ground at up to 500 km / h

What does SkyWay need investors for?


Over the past 36 years, several attempts have been made to finance the inovative transport project. Unfortunately, all attempts failed. In 2011 the company SkyWay Capital was founded by means of microfinancing (Crowdinvesting). A large number of micro-investors are now to be the right step, by means of the concept Crowfunding, to get the financing and to realize the project and bring it to the world market. We as small investors will thus be co-owners of this technology and dividends paid out on the world market and will benefit from the price increase of the shares.

And now something very important !!

Crowfunding (smallholder investing) is only possible for an indefinite period, and the “drawing of shares” for small investors will be finished. At a later date (estimated in the course of 2017) only more large investors can buy shares! Also, SkyWay would like to repurchase our shares if we want to do so!
The aim of SkyWay is to go public in 2017 – 2019. Pre-contracts and prepayments of large-scale investors are already in place (see below: What has already been achieved).

The 4 planned steps

  1. Funding: Financing of all development stages of the SkyWay Group
  2. Construction of the experimental site: construction of the area for demonstration (tests) and transport certification
  3. Winner Objective: Winning from project realization. Payment of the dividend.
  4. Fulfillment of pre-contracts: fulfillment of preliminary contracts according to provisional agreements

Stages of String Transport Technology SkyWay


What has already been achieved?

According to SkyWay Capital, more than 100 companies already have pre-agreements that show interest in SkyWay technology and are only waiting for verifications and finally realization of the project.

  • European Union: High-Speed ​​Train Association “London – Berlin – Moscow”
  • Russia: High-speed train “Moscow – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaliningrad”
  • Australia: High-speed train “Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane”
  • United Arab Emirates: UAE Urban highways in the cities of Dubai and Sharjah
  • Bolivia: Iron ore railway “Mutun – deep sea port in the Pacific”

How do we invest in SkyWay?

Update 09.06.2016: the prices of shares have been increased !. We now receive shares as follows.
Update 21.10.2016: the prices of shares have been increased !. We now receive shares as follows.
Update 20.11.2016: The packages of the shares were changed again!

Option 1: We buy shares with installments






  • Please note: We have to pay a monthly installment for all of these packages.
  • Monthly rates can also be paid out of the profit of the partner structure!

What package should we buy here?

The packages Start, Senor, Business Start, Stable and Business are favored here. Why? We will get an additional bonus in the form of more shares!

However, we only receive the bonus if we bring at least 2 partners with the most favorable package “Start” into the company SkyWay, which is as follows.

Package start ($ 25, – / month at 10 monthly rates): In addition to the 22,500 shares, we receive an additional 5,000 shares as a bonus, making a total of 27,500 shares if we meet the above condition.

Packet Senor ($ 50, – / month to 8 month rates): In addition to the 40,000 shares we receive an additional 8,000 shares as a bonus, making a total of 48,000 shares if we meet the above condition.

Package Stable ($ 100, – / month to 10 month rates): To the 150,000 shares we receive an additional 40,000 shares as a bonus, then makes a total of 190,000 shares if we meet the above condition.

Package business ($ 200, – / month to 9 months): To the 315,000 shares we receive an additional 63,000 shares as a bonus, then makes a total of 378,000 shares if we meet the above condition.

NEW: Business Start package ($ 300, – / month to 2 months): In addition to the 75,000 shares, we receive an additional 24,000 shares as a bonus, making a total of 99,000 shares if we meet the above condition.

Option 2: We buy shares in one package



The following packages are available for the payment only from the bonus account


For these packages, we make a one-time payment and buy a certain number of SkyWay shares.

  1. For $ 250, we get 27.500 shares
  2. For $ 400, we get 46.800 shares
  3. For $ 1.000, we get 150.000 shares
  4. For $ 1.800, – we get 279.000 shares
  5. For $ 5.000, we get 825.000 shares
  6. For $ 10.000 we get 1.800.000 shares
  7. For $ 25.000, we receive 4.750.000 shares
  8. For $ 50.000 we get 10 million shares

Basically, we can say that we, each larger package we buy, the more in proportion to get more shares.

What do we earn with SkyWayCapital?

At present, it is not clear how and how much we can earn here. There are no more detailed information, either on the website or in the backoffice. Only the calculator shows us what we can expect at SkyWayCapital. We will receive a return in the form of a dividend, in addition to the value of the shares.
We are not investing here to make quick money, but buy Akien to profit from a disproportionate increase in the value of the shares over the long term.


How much will the shares be worth?

With several telephone calls with my upliners I learned that the following Kursprognosen were put into the room.

  • Preview for 2018: Price for 1 share $ 1, –
  • Preview for 2022: Price for 1 share $ 5, –

These are, of course, only speculative predictions and can lead to the total loss of the capital employed if the project fails, but it can be quite realistic even if the project is successfully implemented.

Update November 2016: 100 free shares we get only when buying at least the package “Start”, no longer just for the registration, as it was before!

Deposits and withdrawals

skyway capital payments

Credit cards (Mastercard and VISA), SWIFT (Banktransfer), OKPay, PerfectMoney, ADVCash, Quiwi, ​​Yandex Money, WebMoney, Revolut.

The usual charges are incurred.

Note: All deposits are not always available. If you have only one deposit option available and this is not currently available, please contact CashGeek via the contact form.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program is very comprehensive. The commissions increase in percentage and level with the introduction of new investors. So I’m only setting the level structure that we get at the beginning to view. The complete overview can be found after registering in the Backoffice.

skyway capital partner program


  • Languages: Russian, English, German, French, Czech, Slovenian, more …
  • Telephone support
  • German Skype Group
  • European Facebook Group
  • Regular events are organized


  • SkyWay is the actual company that builds the elevated railway transport system
  • SkyWay Capital is responsible for financing the project
  • There is already a test ground under construction in Minsk (Russia), which has been allocated by the Russian government and has been completed by the end of November 2016. There the high-speed trains can be seen in action. Soon the Eco Techno-Park will also be open to visitors and exploring.
  • The only problem is the financing of the project, where the financing system Crowfunding was also made available to us, in addition to other large investors, in order to participate in the project.

Summary of purchase of shares

  • We are currently receiving very high discounts for the purchase of shares
  • Those who buy shares at SkyWay Capital are thus among the pioneers of the project
  • What I was able to research, the closed company has to be converted into an open stock corporation from a certain scale upwards, which also confirms the planned exchange run


We have the opportunity to secure a high number of shares with a high discount at a very early stage in a forward-looking company. If the project is successfully financed, many thousands of percent of profit can be achieved in the long term.

CashGeek does not miss this chance and has entered the price of 120,000 shares (shares) in the Fruittree at a price of $ 480, – ($ 80, – in 6 monthly rates). This package is no longer offered. The first rate I have already paid.

How many shares have you bought? Share your screenshot in the comments below.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


Update 06/13/2016: SkyWay has a new partner, who supports the company in investor search: Unfortunately there is so much in Russian, but there are many great pictures and videos to illustrate the SkyWay project. 13.06.2016: The 100 free shares should be secured in any case.

FREE SHARES: In order to secure the 100 free shares of SkyWay Capital, we have to go through a small procedure, where we finally receive our certificate with our name and address for 100 shares and are officially holders of them.

Update 06/28/2016: Many open questions are answered in the recording of the SkyWay webinar in German dated 27.06.2016:

Update 07/04/2016 Reduction of shares
The number of shares in the individual packages will be reduced by 30% as of 09.07.2016. This means that we receive 30% fewer shares. So if you are thinking about getting a share package with SkyWay Capital, you should do so before 07/09/2016.

TOP: If you have requested a withdrawal from your bonus account and have not received an SMS code, you can apply for it via the chat form. Within a few minutes we get a call back and the SMS code will be communicated to us by an employee!
Great video, how with the special SkyWay shares for children can secure the future of a child or grandchild financially!

Update 11/20/2016 Contribution has been revised and adapted

Update 12/20/2016
On 14.12.2016 a direct transmission of SkyWay took place at the end of the year. The following were reported:
The end of the year was successful for the rail-bound rope transport, there was a lot of interesting things and corresponding interesting awaits us soon. SkyWay Capital will provide its investors with the latest news and plans. The first was Viktor Baburin, Deputy Director for SkyWay Development. He told of the first attempts at the EcoTechnoPark in the background of the Innotrans in Berlin and the contacts there with representatives of other transport companies. On 29th November, delegations from Australia, Canada, Israel and Russia visited the EcoTechnoPark. The test facility was visited by representatives of the Australian engineering company Aurecon. Everyone got answers to his questions. The guests were pleased with what they were shown. At present, our Australian partners are working with Aurecon to produce a document on the implementation of SkyWay in Australia. Viktor Baburin stressed that the company that is involved in licensing in Australia is very interested in the freight transport with SkyWay.

SkyWay continues to negotiate with India. This came about as a result of an invitation from the Minister of Transport of the country. The Indian market is very interesting for our project. That is why we actively engage in the negotiation of orders. Minsk is expected to visit a Turkish delegation for further negotiations.

Finally, Sergey Sibirjakov, the consultant for global development of the project and Larissa Artamonova, a member of the SkyWay Capital Board, spoke during SkyWay’s direct transmission. They appreciated the results of the year, emphasized the importance of rail-bound rope technology for humanity and discussed in detail the future of the project next year.

Update 03/27/2017 – Many news, progress, also technical nature

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